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12 years ago
Copyright 2012 Kasper Skårhøj, SKAARHOJ,
This file is part of the ATEM library for Arduino
The ATEM library is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your
option) any later version.
The ATEM library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
See the GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with the ATEM library. If not, see
12 years ago
Version 1 beta
12 years ago
#ifndef ATEM_h
#define ATEM_h
#if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100
#include "Arduino.h"
#include "WProgram.h"
#include <UIPUdp.h>
12 years ago
class ATEM
EthernetUDP _Udp; // Udp Object for communication, see constructor.
uint16_t _localPort; // local port to send from
IPAddress _switcherIP; // IP address of the switcher
boolean _serialOutput; // If set, the library will print status/debug information to the Serial object
12 years ago
uint8_t _sessionID; // Used internally for storing packet size during communication
uint16_t _lastRemotePacketID; // The most recent Remote Packet Id from switcher
char _packetBuffer[96]; // Buffer for storing segments of the packets from ATEM. Has the size of the largest known "segment" of a packet the ATEM sends.
12 years ago
uint16_t _localPacketIdCounter; // This is our counter for the command packages we might like to send to ATEM
12 years ago
boolean _hasInitialized; // If true, the initial reception of the ATEM memory has passed and we can begin to respond during the runLoop()
uint8_t _answer[36]; // Little buffer for creating answers back to the ATEM
// Selected ATEM State values. Naming attempts to match the switchers own protocol names
// Set through _parsePacket() when the switcher sends state information
// Accessed through getter methods
uint8_t _ATEM_PrgI; // Program input
uint8_t _ATEM_PrvI; // Preview input
uint8_t _ATEM_TlIn[8]; // Inputs 1-8, bit 0 = Prg tally, bit 1 = Prv tally. Both can be set simultaneously.
boolean _ATEM_TrPr; // Transition Preview: Is it on or not?
uint8_t _ATEM_TrSS_KeyersOnNextTransition; // Bit 0: Background; Bit 1-4: Key 1-4
uint8_t _ATEM_TrSS_TransitionStyle; // 0=MIX, 1=DIP, 2=WIPE, 3=DVE, 4=STING
boolean _ATEM_KeOn[4]; // Upstream Keyer 1-4 On state
boolean _ATEM_DskOn[2]; // Downstream Keyer 1-2 On state
boolean _ATEM_DskTie[2]; // Downstream Keyer Tie 1-2 On state
uint8_t _ATEM_TrPs_frameCount; // Count down of frames in case of a transition (manual or auto)
uint16_t _ATEM_TrPs_position; // Position from 0-1000 of the current transition in progress
uint8_t _ATEM_FtbS_frameCount; // Count down of frames in case of fade-to-black
uint8_t _ATEM_AuxS[3]; // Aux Outputs 1-3 source
uint8_t _ATEM_MPType[2]; // Media Player 1/2: Type (1=Clip, 2=Still)
uint8_t _ATEM_MPStill[2]; // Still number (if MPType==2)
uint8_t _ATEM_MPClip[2]; // Clip number (if MPType==1)
12 years ago
ATEM(IPAddress ip, uint16_t localPort);
void connect();
void runLoop();
void _parsePacket(uint16_t packetLength);
void _sendAnswerPacket(uint16_t remotePacketID);
12 years ago
void _sendCommandPacket(char cmd[4], uint8_t commandBytes[16], uint8_t cmdBytes);
12 years ago
* General Getter/Setter methods
void serialOutput(boolean serialOutput);
bool hasInitialized();
uint16_t getATEM_lastRemotePacketId();
* ATEM Switcher state methods
* Returns the most recent information we've
* got about the switchers state
uint8_t getProgramInput();
uint8_t getPreviewInput();
boolean getProgramTally(uint8_t inputNumber);
boolean getPreviewTally(uint8_t inputNumber);
* ATEM Switcher Change methods
* Asks the switcher to changes something
void changeProgramInput(uint8_t inputNumber);
void changePreviewInput(uint8_t inputNumber);
void doCut();
void doAuto();
void fadeToBlackActivate();
void changeTransitionPosition(word value);
void changeTransitionPositionDone();
void changeTransitionPreview(bool state);
void changeTransitionType(uint8_t type);
void changeUpstreamKeyOn(uint8_t keyer, bool state);
void changeUpstreamKeyNextTransition(uint8_t keyer, bool state);
void changeDownstreamKeyOn(uint8_t keyer, bool state);
void changeDownstreamKeyTie(uint8_t keyer, bool state);
void doAutoDownstreamKeyer(uint8_t keyer);
void changeAuxState(uint8_t auxOutput, uint8_t inputNumber);
void settingsMemorySave();
void settingsMemoryClear();
void changeColorValue(uint8_t colorGenerator, uint16_t hue, uint16_t saturation, uint16_t lightness);
void mediaPlayerSelectSource(uint8_t mediaPlayer, boolean movieclip, uint8_t sourceIndex);
12 years ago