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Todo list:
Generally, search for "todo" in the source and there will pop up a few places where improvements are needed.
Here is a more general list I'm keeping:
* Implement more palette features (like configuration of the keyers)
* Detect switcher type and firmware version in library
* In runloop, detect if connection is kept open (maybe mimick how the PC software is also sending keep-alive packets every half second), and if down, try to reconnect automatically. This is more nice-to-have - a reconnection can easily be established with a hardware reset of the Arduino.
* Look into a possible bug in the UDP library of Arduino - one that may cause buffer overflows and resulting non-connection to ATEM switcher
A note from the forum, which I might need to keep in mind although I haven't experienced the need for this:
// You must listen for when the Atem starts to use an new 'UUID' or session ID, and start using that when sending commands.