a simple dyndns client for the ovh api. this tool allows to use dyndns even for canadian accounts.
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a dyndns client for the ovh-api

This client does not use the ovh dynhost. Instead it updates the records by the ovh-api.


  • copy example.config.json to config.json
  • create an appToken at api.ovh.com/createToken
  • insert the secrets you got from the site to ovhCredentials in config.json - consumerKey can also be updated by the setup scrip
  • add all required domains/zoneNames to records in config.json - the array can be empty for now
  • run node setup.js - if your ovhCredentials are correct, all availabe records will be listed
  • add all required records to the array of the zoneName as shown in example.config.json
    • updateInterval and ttl should be similar and between 60 and 300 (seconds)
    • subDomain and id must be set
    • fieldType defaults to 'A'
    • ttl defaults to 3600
    • target will updated on IP change
  • safe your config to config.json.backup

run with docker-compose

docker-compose up -d


node index.js